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Poems for kids in English Twenty Little Froggies, a Poem for Children

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Poems for kids in English Twenty Little Froggies, simple poems for kids

This is one of the poems I Memorized as a Child

Poems for kids in English, Twenty Little Froggies is one of the old simple poems for kids that my grandfather was taught by his father when he was a small child.

He then taught it to my father in 1887 when he was five.

My Father taught it to me in 1940 when I was 5.

This is one of the poems that I taught to my children.

Twenty Little Froggies began a long tradition in my family!

Teach your child to memorize this age old poem.

It will be with her/him for life.

The poem is easy to memorize by children and the illustrations help to visualize the frogs and their activities.

Your child’s interest can be further increased by making easy costumes for use at Halloween and other festive occasions.

poems for kids in English, Such interest and activities could well lead to your child taking an active interest in many activities.

Post on YouTube

Make a video of your child reciting poems and upload it to YouTube.

simple poems for kids help your child develop new interests.

Let your child start a family tradition.

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Poems for children.
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